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1. The Bible says, that the WHOLE Earth was inahabited and whole was wicked.

2. The Flood was global, so logically the whole globe had to be inhabited (or
at least the biggest part of it). The global flood is not made becasue a small
Smurfs' village is baaaad - as some people are deluding themselves about.

3. Before the Flood, at least through major part of the pre-flood period, noone did
belive in Krystian's propaganda about rescuing the world from the overpopulating
by Christians or by any other kind of people and nonpeople.

4. Taking unto account the MT and by giving hugly 40 years for the one generation,
and estimatinging only two children per person (what for 900 years of living and very
good environment, is a very weak result), then we have only in one single, the 40th
generation 1,099,511,627,776 (ONE TRILLION 99 BILLIONS) people, (and remember
that dozens of generations lived in the same time!) But we know, that people had
much more children than two per person, and they easly could start to multiply as
early as being 15-20 years old (why shouldn't they?).

So, billions of people it is a very low estimation.
Even if is too high, then certainly it were hundreds of millions if not billions indeed.